Sangamon Songs is back on track in 2021 with announced show at Skokie Theatre and more to come

Hey everyone! We've booked Skokie Theater in Skokie, Illinois for return to the stage of the show halted by the pandemic. 

Tom Irwin's Sangamon Songs: A Musical Play Adapted by John W. Arden

Dates below & Tickets available soon at 

Saturday, Oct. 30, 8pm 

Sunday, Oct. 31, 2pm

Tom reading Harry Glen Ludlam's diary that was the foundation of Sangamon Songs. In the background is the pie-tin cabinet that held the diary for over a hundred years.

Sangamon Songs: Diggin' in the Dirt, 8/4/2019

Interview by John & Tom on NPRIllinois about our debut show

I like your shirt... and your music, too. ”

— Willie Nelson, after opening for Willie & Family at Illinois State Fair, August 2001. I was wearing a Hank Williams, Sr. T-shirt.

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